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thedeadmoth [userpic]


May 28th, 2011 (11:53 pm)

current mood: busy

Inspired by a conversation on IREGL when I was introducing myself:
Abomination? Perhaps. Amusing? I think so.
FYI - I do not look or, dress like this.
Also for anyone who is interested, I’ll be posting pictures of some of the replicas of Neolithic-Medieval pottery my school has in it’s collection soon-ish. It’s hard to find accurate replicas, or to understand what features an article/book is going on about without actually seeing the thing. I wish I had more time with these in Lab, that’s for sure!

Well I’m packing my bags for America, I’m not coming back until August 1st. (Just in time for NomCon) I can’t wait to meet some other Lolitas! Unfortunately, due hot weather I don’t think I’ll get a chance to wear anything too cute over in NJ, I’ll probably spend most of my time in my new Janzten swimsuit! I wonder, are there any Lolita-friendly swimsuits, closest I’ve ever seen is retro stuff. Also, I wish there was more seashore-themed Lolita gear, not just nautical, but old-timey boardwalk themes. I think seahorses and seashells are a very underutilized motif.

I have my outfits planned for all three days of, any tips/comments appreciated (But I may not get to reply for a few days):
So the first day I’m going to be on a 3-4 hour train or bus ride- it’s a little impractical to wear a petticoat, etc. on this long of a journey, so I was thinking I’d just wear my little sailor dress. I hope no one thinks I’m cosplaying, not that there’s anything wrong with that. (I know it’s not very Lolita, but I LOVE nautical themes – I watch way too much FlapJack!And, y'know we do live on an island)

The second day I’ll be a little more on the sweet side. You know, I don’t see a lot of yellow in Lolita fashion. I hope this works out…I still need shoes to match his one.Think I'll go simply with my hair, maybe a bow or two.

The last day I’m planning on wearing this, with a little tweed jacket. I had this one made in brown. I think a cameo-inspired up-do might suit perhaps?This is actually the first type of Lolita dress I fell in love with, and I’m only getting it now! So much wasted time…

All I have to do now is accessorize, and that should be fairly easy to do in the States, I think. I really need to buy more separates though, so I can expand my wardrobe easier. I have a load of nice blouses with no skirts to match – what’s wrong with me???

*Disclaimer – I know I have a lot of f+f, and some people wouldn’t consider it the best of what Lolita fashion has to offer, but I like they’re website, and their prices. Also, as long as there is no hideous cheap lace I’m pretty content. I do plan on owning some more brand stuff one day…

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(no subject)

May 22nd, 2011 (05:01 pm)

current location: Sligo, Ireland
current mood: excited
current song: Like A Stone

 So, if anyone has been reading this - I'm not dead or anything, just super busy!I will make a triumphant return to web comics soon!Eventually.After exams maybe. HotelSoul isn't dead just yet, have faith!

In other news, since I've updated I've been n the process of getting a bachelors degree in archaeology - this is mainly why my creativity has run dry

For now, if you're interested check out my deviantart.

thedeadmoth [userpic]

Irish Guys Have Bottomless Pockets.

September 5th, 2009 (11:41 pm)

current location: Skreen, Co. Sligo
current mood: cold

 I'd say the funniest part of my cousin and his cans was how he threw them on the floor of the bus- jingling the whole way there.The bus driver was not pleased, my cousion convinced him it was some other kids though.Oh click on the comic for full view!

thedeadmoth [userpic]

New pages...

August 26th, 2009 (11:29 pm)

current mood: artistic

 Brand new page for “One Little Crow", with color too! Won’t be doing that again too soon. “Hotel Soul” was updated the other day as well.

Jeez-I just watched “Rose of Tralee”, it’s worse then Eurovision!!! Desperate.

So my last surviving sunflower has bloomed. I’m so proud! XD

Maybe I’ll put up a pic…….

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(no subject)

August 10th, 2009 (05:30 pm)

current location: Skreen, Co. Sligo
current mood: aggravated

One new page for HotelSoul today!
I gathered up a bunch of entries before I posted this time:

Monday, August 3, 2009

Alrighty folks, I have FINALY gotten my computer back from the hospital. It took ages. Apparently my laptop got some sort got virus! It was acting bizarre. When I would turn it on you would see the typical things like the Acer and Windows loading page then the screen would go black, the pointer came up, only worked for all of three seconds and finally the computer would shut off-sort of. The screen went off but the light of the on button was still on and I’d have to hold it down for ten seconds for t to turn off completely.
No matter what I did I’d always get this result. Anyways, all’s well now. Ugh I have to re-install my art programs!
Before this started happening my little brother came form the states to stay for a while. It was so nice. Poor guy went to bed with a full stomach in ages. He needed a break .Oh, we went into Dublin for two days (I would need a whole other posting to describe this but basically he had his first hangover…)
These past few weeks I’ve killed every electronic in my path!
At least I’ve been gardening and cleaning a little, I’ve also been working on a joint project between my bestest friend and I! Mostly just sketches though.
Sheep ate my sunflowers!!!
Tuesday, August 4, 2009
The sun is actually out today. So instead of re-installing all my art programs I’m going to go re-pot some plants. I have “Manga Studio Debut“, should I get the new version?
Sun doesn’t happen a lot in Ireland.
Thursday, August 6, 2009
The past two days have been something else! Yesterday I went into Sligo with my Mom and had lunch at the Yeats Memorial building, very worth checking out if your in the area. The selection of Jack's paintings were a bit lacking-there was three or four per room! (and 4 rooms!) The selection in the Dublin museum is MUCH better. The photographs  were great though. Let’s see… Then I went to A/Wear and met Mom in Mullaney’s-another nice shop. We went home afterwards and while cleaning up the field to be mowed Mom tackled me, I tackled her back and it turns out the guy with the tractor was outside the gate and had a view of the whole thing…XD 
Today we went to the Sligo races. Someone’s been letting TURKEYS and PARROTS mate and then killing them for women to wear at races. I went to Big Apple Anime Fest years ago and saw more sensibly dressed people-and the were in turtle thing suits.
The long and short of it is no new pages!

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How I make my comics.

May 14th, 2009 (02:57 pm)

current location: Skreen
current mood: amused

I thought it would be fun to explain some of my process.So this is how I go about making "HotelSoul".

Firstly, the ROUGH sketch."MangaStudio(Debut)" allows you to have sketch layers, or any other layer really, in blue.(That's the only other color than black and white you can use with it.)

Secondly, the inking.Doing with this with the computer makes the process a hundred times faster.(And saves wasted paper and trees!)

Thirdly, the tones.I can never get enough.Ever.

Lastly , word balloons and lettering.I wish I had more of a flare for this.

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March 31st, 2009 (11:15 pm)

current location: (H/K)ells
current mood: blah

This seems like an appropriate way to start a journal, I'll be updating this post infrequently.


For some reason these ones don't seem to work any more...I'll update if I hear anything from the owners.

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